Welcome to Zevorie Studio! We create digital products that help designers and other fashion based businesses to be more productive and turn a better profit. Oh yeah, and we like to look pretty while doing it.

Fashion Based Business Digital Planner

Check out our bestselling 18-Month Business Planner for Designers and other Fashion Based Businesses. It’s packed with the perfect pages to keep you organized and on track to having a more profitable creative business.

Designers Email Treasury

This is a tool that you’ll be sure to love. It’s a complete 6 month email marketing plan, that if used correctly, will turn your loyal email subscribers into paying customers. Can you say CHA-CHING?!

"I'm a jewelry designer as well and I know how difficult it is to find products that are specifically created for designers and other business owners in our industry. I couldn't find them, so I decided to create them!
Founder & Jewelry Designer

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18 - Month Planner

Our planners come with a year and half's worth of organization and productivity tools packed into 1 digital book.

2 Year Calendar

I don't know about you, but we love to plan ahead. The two year calendar in our planners allow you to do that without a second thought.

Summary Page For Each Month

Each of our planners has a summary page at the beginning of every month. This allows you to see your most important events at a glance.

Full Daily Timeblock Pages

Each planner has full daily pages. This makes it easy to thoroughly plan your day, hour by hour.

Hyperlinked Tabs

All of our planners and notebooks are hyperlinked. This allows you to skip to the section that you're looking for and cut down on scrolling.

Monthly Project Planner

At the end of every month, all of our planners come with a project page. It includes the essentials to get your projects for the next month off to the right start.

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