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How I Help You To Live Life Colorfully

You’re chic, fun, and passionate about making a difference. You love to look stylish, but are secure in your individuality and never let trends have the final say in what you wear. You understand that jewelry is not meant to just sit in a box, but should be versatile enough to wear everyday.

I Totally Get You...

I’m Terri, designer and owner of Zevorie Studio.

My love for jewelry, art, and design started at a very young age. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I began making jewelry from my older cousin’s plastic jewelry making kits. Over the years, I drifted away from it, but it was always a cherished activity whenever I got the chance to do it. As the years went by and we got older, I began to experience some of life’s disappointments. I developed severe anxiety and struggled with depression. 

At about 14, when I was at a really low point, a friend invited me over for a jewelry-making lesson. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it, and it was my first time using real materials. It was kind of like therapy for me. I continued and decided that I wanted to create a brand that we could really have fun with. I also wanted to show other young women that if I could overcome my struggles and fight to make my dreams come true, than they could as well.

My ability to create quirky and colorful pieces, while still maintaining a sense of elegance truly sets my brand apart. The way that I use silver elements and colorful beads result in chic, timeless jewels that are meant to be worn often. My inspiration comes straight from the imagination. I love to close my eyes, visualize the beads and metals that I’m working with, and find the most attractive and interesting ways to put them together!

When someone comes across my brand, I really want them to feel like they’ve come across something special. My ultimate goal is to spread positivity, to be encouraging, and to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. Every woman deserves to know that she has the power to overcome and that labels don’t define her. I want MY jewelry to be a constant reminder to radiate positivity, have fun daily, and to be courageous enough to follow your heart!

How I Give Back

The Live In Color Project

What does it mean to live in color, you may ask? It’s a movement that encompasses my core values: being courageous, radiating positivity, and having fun. My passion for helping people to live happier lives motivates me to show kindness in my everyday life and leave people feeling better than when I met them. It’s my hope that they pass the good vibes on to the next person so that together we can all make the world a better place.

Get To Know Terri

Favorite Food: Pizza. I once just ate pizza for a week straight. It was two months before I could stand the sight of it again.

Favorite Movie: Beauty And The Beast. Yes, I still cry at the end.

Favorite Pass Time: Watching Classic Movies. I’d hate to think about what my life would be like without Alfred Hitchcock.