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How To Clean Out & Organize Your Closet for Spring

March 17, 2020

Spring has finally arrived and with that, we wanted to remind you guys of some tips and tricks to use in order to pretty up and clear out your closets. Lets get started!

If an Item Doesn’t Fit, Dump It

Now we get it, some clothes bring us nostalgia and some clothes are just WAY too cute to give up. But honey, you won’t be wearing those low rise jeans from 2006 ever again. Reminisce one last time and kiss those jeans goodbye.

Get Rid of Worn Out Items

Sometimes, our old clothes are the most comfortable, but there comes a time when we just have to let go. If you have items that have holes in them, permanent stains or discoloration, the best thing to do is to throw them out. That way you’ll stay looking clean and put together. 

Buy Pretty Hangers

Picking your clothes off of the floor every ten seconds can be so annoying. We think that Huggable Hanger’s clothing hangers will fix that problem. They’re made of a material that prevents your clothing from slipping off and they come in a huge variety of gorgeous colors. They work for us, so we know that they’ll work for you.

Categorize and Color Coordinate

It’s nothing new, but coordination really is key. If you see colors and fabrics thrown around in your closet, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find an outfit. Separating your clothing by item category and color can make putting an outfit together easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Plus, your closet will just look pretty.

Add Lighting

A dark closet can turn into a messy closet. One way you can save space and keep things clean is by adding light. This can help by making it easy for you to see everything in your closet. That way you can see if anything something has to be fixed or if something has fallen on the floor.

Dust, Sweep, and Vacuum Your Closet

Why is that important? We can forget to clean our closets since we don’t spend much time in them. One way to keep your clothes and closet clean is by keeping dust, dirt, and cobwebs at bay. This prevents your clothes from collecting dirt and looking dusty.

7. Let Go of Broken Jewelry

As a jewelry company, we hate the thought of dumping jewelry, but if your jewelry has come to the point of no return where you can’t clean or repair it, it may be best to get rid of it. You can always replace it. If you’ve thrown out all of your jewelry and are looking for some fresh new pieces, you can always check out our Luxe collection and start adding more jewelry to your wardrobe. 


To Consider:

If you have lightly worn clothing, shoes, or jewelry that is taking up space in your closet, it would be a wonderful idea to give those items to goodwill or to a local thrift store. That way, you’ll free up space in your closet, and you’ll be giving someone in need something that they may not have had otherwise. It’s a win-win situation.

Welp, that’s all for now. These basic tips should be able to help even the messiest closet look it’s best this season. We hope they we’ve given you guys some motivation to get up and to get into everyone’s favorite spring activity, spring cleaning. 

Written By Toni Hart

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